Virtual Bike Ride Fundraiser

Information for all Riders

Our purpose for this ride is to raise funds to complete home repairs and rehabilitation for seniors in our community. Your "bike-on-your-own” contribution is key to our success!

Sponsor Pledge Form

All riders please print out a sponsor pledge form. 
Registration Fee is $35.00 per Rider
Use this form to gather pledges from friends, families and businesses.
Every dollar counts! Your supporters can pledge by the mile or they can may an individual donation. They can also do this directly on line.
Use this tool to keep track of your pledges! Mail completed pledge form along with your check to Sebago Lake Regions Fuller Center for Housing, 723 Roosevelt Trail Road, Windham, ME 04o62. 

Route Map


After the Ride

Once you have completed your ride let us know! We will be in touch to distribute prizes and t-shirts!
Email us at or send us the form below!
We will contact you regarding shirts and prizes and assist you in sending in additional pledge funds.
I Completed My Ride!