Our Mission 

To perform housing repairs and rehabilitation focusing on keeping seniors safe and aging in place in their homes in Raymond, Standish and Windham.

Do You Own Your Own Home?
Over 65 or Know Someone Who Is?
Not Have the Money or Physical Ability to do your own Repairs?

Our Greater Blessing Program encourages our clients who receive  lower-cost home repairs or renovations to repay that cost over time on terms they can afford. Payments are made monthly, providing our clients the opportunity of experiencing the greater blessing of giving, not just receiving.


Our repair/renovation work is done at a relatively low cost, and the cost of the repair is repaid back to the Program. Those payments will be used to make repairs for other families.

Music With a Mission!

Celebrating great music with concerts for the common good

Music with a Mission concerts are back!  In a season full of unknowns and new ‘normals,’ take some time out for something fun and familiar! Violinist Ashley Liberty and pianist Daniel Strange will be presenting their show, ‘Hot Fiddle – Virtually yours’ on July 11th at 7:00 pm! It will be a FREE concert (donations encouraged), full of dynamic and creative music in multiple styles, delivered directly to your living room!


Special guest, 7 year-old violinist, Harrison Liberty-Strange, will join his parents on Daniel’s new arrangement of ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ Ashley and Daniel have given their time, their production skills, and of course their musical talents at NO EXPENSE for this 100% fundraising event, which aims to raise funds for NWUC and the Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing.

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If you or someone you know is in need of home repair and are struggling to make ends meet, please give us a call.


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